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Here we have a collection of fabulous, immersive experiences available in Dartmoor National Park. We know when people travel they no longer want to just ‘see’ a place; they want to live it, breathe it, touch it, become part of it.


This Experience Collection offers the most outstanding visitor experiences in our most exceptional landscape – each carefully selected, developed and curated to tell the stories of Dartmoor, and their people.


The Dartmoor Experience Collection will give you the chance to get to the heart of the unique living landscapes and timeless rural life that can only be felt in Dartmoor. These are journeys through the history, culture, countryside and communities in the best of outdoor Dartmoor. Journeys celebrating the extraordinary and the everyday, where you can really feel alive and return home refreshed, inspired and with memories to treasure for a lifetime.

These experiences are all superb, but of course you will need somewhere to stay and somewhere to eat as well! The Visit Dartmoor website has a huge range of high quality accommodation providers ready to provide you with a warm local welcome, plus a wonderful choice of restaurants, tea-rooms, pubs, cafes and farm shops where you can enjoy the best of locally sourced, home cooked fresh produce.