Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting

The experience

Experience the ultimate Devon Vineyard tour. One of the family team will guide you through our 5000 vines and give you a fantastic insight into growing vines in the south west. You'll delve into our story, learn how we began our English wine journey and how we nurture our wines from grape to bottle.

Following the tour, you will get to sample our latest award winning vintages in the on-site shop. You will also have the opportunity to browse our carefully selected range of local produce. From local spirits and foodie delights to hand crafted gifts.

Full Tour of this Devon Vineyard with one of the family team

Taste the award-winning wines in the on-site shop and browse the selection of local produce and gifts

Stunning views of Dartmoor


the detail


1 hour - 1.5 hours

Group size

1 - 20
Booking essential

Cost per person

£7.50 per person

Fitness level

Moderate. The vineyard is on a slight slope and the tour involves a walk through the vines. Unfortunately, wheelchair access is limited.

Parking Facilities

Free parking. Buses are limited, but the 6a does pass.

Special equipment needed

Sensible shoes and a weather proof jacket, depending on the weather.

Accessibility considerations and facilities

Wheelchair access is currently limited.

Refreshments and meals



All year round, booking essential.


Basic English required.

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