The experience

Enjoy a walk through a landscape that is rich in history, stories and myths with a guide who can tell personal tales of living and working on Dartmoor. Be transported back to a time where pixies, ghosts and witchcraft were part of daily life on Dartmoor. Hear the story of the man who fell down a mine shaft and was saved by his faithful dog, yet the dog can still be seen in the area. Enjoy lunch in a traditional pub, which is said to be haunted and has a fire that has been burning nearly 200 years.

Discover the myths and legends of the area from a local historian and author who has many stories of his own to tell

Walk through the dramatic landscape where legends were born

Enjoy lunch in one of the highest inns in England with wonderful views across the moors


the detail


3 hours

Group size

3-15 people

Cost per person


Fitness level


Parking Facilities


Special equipment needed

Suitable clothing and footwear for a 4-mile walk in all weather conditions.

Accessibility considerations and facilities

Not accessible for people with mobility issues.

Refreshments and meals

Lunch and a drink included.


All year round, except 22-30 December.


Intermediate English required to fully appreciate the experience.

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